Feminist of Cannabis: Emilene
Hi friends! My name is Emilene I am the Feminist of Cannabis. I am a strong advocate of the plant and its medicinal properties and a firm believer in education, empowerment, the environment and equality. I am looking forward to educating and empowering one and other as a community to raise awareness about the plant and normalize cannabis consumption and advocacy. My cannabis advocacy name is a mix of my first and last name that rhymes with all your favourite terpenes like limonene and myrcene. I am excited to explore more cannabinoids with you in future posts! I love fighting injustices, breaking down barriers and stigmas and raising awareness for movements that inspire me. Raising awareness and education often go hand and hand and I am always up to answering cannabis-related questions; empowered advocates empower!


I am currently a postgraduate student in a cannabis applied science program. I have been blessed with the opportunity to navigate the cannabis regulations with Prairie Cann's Director of Business Development, Health Canada's Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Branch's Director General and the co-founder and Chief Branding Officer of HEXO Corp to name a few. My love for education is not limited to cannabis, but all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). A science fair kid at heart, I am always experimenting with new things and looking for new STEM adventures. What first sparked my curiosity of cannabis was a CNN special with Dr. Sanjay Gupta; a three-part documentary simply titled "Weed". What was readily apparent to me just how effective the Charlotte's Web strain was at reducing a young girl's seizures. Fast forward a few years, now in my adult life, I am proud to sport a CBD molecule tattoo with Charlotte the spider funnelling down from it (Charlotte's Web being a childhood favourite read).


Having closely seen how cannabis can help medicinal patients when I heard about legalization, I knew this was an opportunity to empower a lot of individuals. Cannabis is more than just a plant, it is part of so many different lifestyles and I cannot wait to share some of the amazing empowerment opportunities coming down the pipeline, in Canada and beyond (without forgetting Uruguay being the first country to fully legalize cannabis)! If you've read Mary's latest blog, you'll also know the importance of self-care and all the amazing ways the Cannabis Sativa plant, with Mary's help, is here for you. Mental Health is another huge passion of mine and I cannot wait to work on a research project paired with Cannabis - stay tuned!


An often-overlooked bonus of legalization, the use of hemp can revolutionize Canada and the world. Having worked in the plastics industry I am extremely passionate about giving back to our planet through sustainable initiatives. I believe that hemp can replace several materials used in our daily lives, not just clothes and textiles, but building materials, too! I am very excited to share cannabis-related eco-trends in upcoming posts. 


Like any science-related industry, females in cannabis collectives are no stranger to glass ceilings; the grass ceiling if you will. That said, the industry is full of amazing individuals just like you who are breaking barriers and reducing the stigma revolving around cannabis, we just need to keep the ball rolling! By being open about cannabis consumption, sporting cannabis fashion, or attending advocacy events, you are instrumental to breaking the grass ceiling. Fun fact: female Cannabis Sativa plants produce buds by entering their flowering stage, male plants however are not used for their buds - the perfect plant for a feminist and advocate

By empowering those around us through awareness and education, I am excited to see just how high the cannabis industry will rise. Here is to breaking the grass ceiling in 2019 and to the cannabis-related adventures this year will take us on. If you have any questions about cannabis, please reach out to us in the comments below or DM me personally on Instagram @emilene_


Emilene, The Feminist of Cannabis

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