Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable


I’m seeing a lot of conversation happening around breaking the stigma and from what I've seen so far, it’s all rooted back to one single thing. Fear.

Fear holds us back from doing most things in life. Whether it’s fear of public speaking, fear of failure, or fear of being yourself. You have to expect that fear will always find its way in, and attack you from all different sides.

What do we do when fear creeps up on us? We possess a natural inclination to stick with the status quo, to resist the unknown, and to stay within our comfort zone. We must collectively let go of our fear and embrace new experiences like cannabis amongst so many other things.

So what’s the first step in letting go and breaking the stigma around this delicate plant? Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. By staying comfortable, we cut ourselves off from the full range of human experience—the knowledge, and the research that has yet to be uncovered.

Let's break out of our comfort zone and start getting familiar. Let’s take the fear out of cannabis and watch our future grow. It's time to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


What are you doing to break the stigma around cannabis? I’d love to hear our community speak up and share some ideas to encourage others to do the same. 



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